Essential Survival Skills

pinwheel-61580_1280Knowing how to parse a sentence or bake a chocolate soufflé is not going to help a man or his family when they are fighting to survive a cataclysmic event. When all the modern conveniences of life such as going to the movies, eating dessert, and using an indoor flush toilet with electric lights and hot water mean nothing and you are trying to merely survive, a special set of skills separates winners from losers.

Essential Survival Skills

We’ll go into more detail below, but here are the major considerations a Prepper has in mind for an apocalyptic future:

• self-defense
• growing or finding food (This is covered in depth, in Alec Deacon’s best-selling program, “Backyard Liberty.” Don’t wait – Buy Backyard Liberty NOW to really be prepared)
• preserving food
• cooking from scratch
• harnessing power
• collecting and purifying water
• building weather-proof structures

In other words, the ideal Prepper has lived in harmony with the earth the way he was meant to live before fossil fuels were introduced. He or she can make a meal out of almost nothing and can do quite nicely without a microwave. Weekends are spent going on “survival” hikes. This person is not reliant on Western pharmaceuticals to treat every scratch or fever and probably nurtures a vegetable garden. Fishing and hunting skills including how to prepare fish and game are skills proudly honed.

Special Skills

Essential survival skills are going out of fashion, but homesteaders know how to live this sort of life. They already teach their sons and daughters how to make canned or dried goods: boiling out impurities and heating preserves to form a vacuum seal. Their children know how to start a fire and keep it glowing and aren’t afraid to kill and pluck a chicken. They have probably already eaten animals most people would turn their noses up at including snake.

Knowledge of edible and medicinal plants is essential, but without some technical know-how families won’t stay warm. Builders identify useful scrap materials and put together structures using scavenged items or even earth, stone, and moss. Insulation is provided by nature and a judicious choice of location.

Special methods for collecting water have been demonstrated by adventurers for many years: now they will prove essential when the only water available is not potable.

DIY-enthusiasts might be the butt of your jokes today, but to a Prepper this person is a handy person to have around. He knows how to build a hydro-generator using only the power of water flowing at the back of one’s property and how to apply that power for generating heat or charging batteries in readiness to supply light and warmth when the water freezes in winter.

Preppers are adept at self-defense. Hand guns and hunting rifles are particular favorites as they are small and easy to store with dual purposes: killing animals for food and protection and fending off would-be looters who have not prepared for survival.