Choosing Critical Prepper Gear

cutlery-158896_1280A Prepper is always prepared; ready to survive in a fight for life caused by a huge climactic disaster or the after-math of a massive earthquake; ready to survive if American civilization falls apart for any reason. What should the contents of a Prepper’s survival kit be? Which items are essential for grabbing from the front hall closet and diving into a bomb shelter in the backyard at a moment’s notice or taking to a heavily wooded and defensible area? Read more to find out.

Criticial Prepper Gear: Ready-Made Bags

There are several ideas floating around and some wonderful acronyms. The INCH bag stands for ‘I’m Never Coming Home’ while GOOD is an acronym for ‘Get Out Of Dodge’. BOB is a ‘Bug Out Bag’ and GHB is the ‘Get Home Bag’. Some help you survive short-term; others for longer periods of time. Experts say your selection depends on where you live and your individual circumstances, so there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to the question “what does the essential bag contain?” Families, people in warm climates, older people in cold parts of the world, etc: their needs are specific and can be customized, but the key word here is “needs.” None of these bags contains extras that do not serve a real purpose.

Certain products were designed for getting home safely when disaster happens and you are at work or on the road. Others are for taking out the door straight from home when this is no longer safe. True survivalists will own more than one.

The Bag Itself

If you make up a kit from scratch, the bag you choose is important. It has to be durable and weather proof. Items such as matches and clothing have to remain dry and a bag that handles various weather conditions will stand up to heavy use. Look for lots of pockets and zippers that do not get stuck. A lot of people are into camouflage and see survival as a military operation. That could very well be the case if the impending cataclysm relates to war, not weather. If possible, create multiple bags so that one person is not stuck carrying an injuriously heavy load the whole time. Since over-the-counter painkillers will disappear quickly, you don’t want to pull a muscle.

Items for Survival

A multi-tool or at least a knife is critical. It can be used to open canned food, cut rope, prepare wood for a fire, kill an animal for food, or for defense. Water purification tablets are very important: regardless of what causes a disaster, water will become contaminated. A manual with color photos of poisonous and edible plants plus medicinal herbs would be very helpful. Matches, rope, flares, a compass, candles, duct tape, and dehydrated food are also critical Prepper gear. For long-term survival in your home, having an active aquaponics system as described in Alec Deacon’s Backyard Liberty as seen here will also be valuable.